Alex Hoover

Alex Hoover

Cryptography PhD Student

University of Chicago


I’m a 5th year PhD student studying Cryptography at the University of Chicago, under my advisor, David Cash. Currently, I’m on an intership at Meta. When I’m at school though, I primarily work on Cryptography and Provable Security, but I have a wide range of interests. I have worked on topics ranging from quantum systems to complexity of election manipulation.

When I’m not doing research, my two favorite activities playing games and reading. Recently, I’ve had a lot of fun playing Melee, Chess, Dungeons and Dragons, and a various other games. The pandemic also gave me plenty of time to read. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow,
  • Curves for the Mathematically Curious,
  • Lost in Math,
  • and the Mistborn Trilogy

To get in touch, message me on keybase or email me here:

(Click to send mail) scrambled: < .@Eaaceeghhiilooouuvx>

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For a pdf copy of my resume click here .

  • Provable Security
  • Lower Bounds
  • Philosophy
  • Games
  • PhD in Cryptography, 2023 (expected)

    University of Chicago

  • MS in Cryptography, 2021

    University of Chicago

  • BS in Computer Science and Math, 2018

    Rochester Institute of Technology